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3D Printing

Creating the future

What would you do?

Sigma provide the CoLido range of 3D printers throughout the Channel Islands.


From the smaller DIY 3D printer for the home enthusiast to larger printers for professional use in education and prototype testing, we supply 3D printers and a 3D printing service to cater for all needs.


We also supply the consumable filaments to support your printers in our retail outlets in Guernsey (Braye Road) and Jersey (Collins, Halkett Place).

For more information please call:

Steve Nicolle
Guernsey:+44(0)1481 241111

or EMail Steve

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3D Printing Service


Sigma supply and support 3D printers and consumables, but did you know that we are also able to offer a printing service for you.


3D printing is a manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. There are many 3D printing technologies and materials you can use, but all are based on the same principle – a digital model is turned into a solid 3-dimensional object by adding layer upon layer of material.


Some professions using 3D printing include Doctors, Dentists, Prosthetics, Aerospace companies, Architects, Schools, Students, engineers, etc.


We can help support your business.


If you have an idea, design, or you wish to talk about this service further, please contact Steve.Nicolle@sigmaci.com or Guernsey:+44(0)1481 241111 to discuss. 

We have various 3D models available in our Guernsey and Jersey offices which you can see working and we have a display of items already made to show you what this exciting new printing service can offer.


We also have 3D printers on show in our shop in Jersey, located at Collins, 24 Halkett Place, St Helier – contact Jersey:+44(0)1534 711545.


Prices on application.