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For over 50 years, Sigma have been driven by our principle to provide the best possible product, service and solution to our customers.


We believe in a client-centric approach to delivering successful and effective business enhancements while exhibiting a wealth of experience and knowledge in local legislation


"Sigma pays more Channel Islanders than all our competitors combined"


For more information contact


Sigma Jersey

Tel: +44(0)1534 711500

EMail: helpdesk@sigmabusinessgroup.com


Sigma Guernsey

Tel: +44(0)1481 241111

EMail: helpdesk@sigmabusinessgroup.com


In-house Software Solution


Developing a product with accuracy, flexibility and efficiency at its core empowers end users to get the job done right first time.


We continue to encounter a variety of different payments and processes and use our expert knowledge to fulfil the requirements of all our clients, whether a small business or blue-chip enterprise.




The Payroll & BACs Bureau


Designed to relieve the burden, plus instil confidence and peace of mind in salary payments and employer returns.


Our team of Payroll administrators have over 80 years' experience and we aim to establish cost-effective and tailor-made solutions for the meticulous delivery of remuneration and local legislative returns.


Approved by BACS, regularly audited and sworn under Non-disclosure Agreements, we respect client confidentiality is of paramount importance and our duty to uphold.



Software Integration


Bespoke product and data routines can be produced to streamline business processes and simplify a range of administrative duties.


Our sales team is highly skilled in requirement gathering and speccing out alternative courses or process enhancements. We have experience in a variety of areas such as time management software, banking files and accounting systems.


Integrating with 3rd party applications has proven to create time savings and increase accuracy of real time data.