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Cyber Essentials

Get certified against cyber security controls to protect your data


About Cyber Essentials


Cyber Essentials is a Jersey and Guernsey government supported scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber-attacks.


Cyber-attacks cost Channel Island organisations thousands of pounds and can cause huge disruption. Businesses big and small can be targets if they don’t have the proper measures in place to protect them.


Cyber Essentials shows you how to prevent the most common attacks and protect your business.


Cyber Essentials is designed to fit with whatever level or commitment you are able to sustain.

There are three levels of engagement:

1. Cyber Essentials Basic - Self-certification

2. Cyber Essentials Plus – Independent assessment




The Cyber Essentials scheme was initially launched by the UK Government to promote cyber safety measures to ensure the safe handling, processing and storage of data for all businesses initially within the public supply chain.


Mirroring the UK Government initiative Jersey and Guernsey have adopted the new set of standards aimed at helping local organisations to:


i) reduce their vulnerability to cyber threats.

ii) demonstrate that the organisation takes seriously the safeguarding of information.


Adoption of the controls is clearly best practice for any organisation and although the scheme is voluntary Jersey Government has stated that as from 1st January 2020 public sector contracts over £25,000 will only be awarded to suppliers who have adopted the Cyber Essentials scheme and gained the award.

Sigma and CYBER STRATEGIES have partnered to give Jersey and Guernsey organisations

Data protection and Security.


We have formed a strategic partnership with one of the leading IASME Certification Bodies, CYBER STATEGIES for Cyber Essentials and the Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. You can see the difference between a basic level and the PLUS level of Cyber Essentials here. You will have to achieve the basic level of Cyber Essentials before you are assessed for the Plus, but both can be facilitated as one process by our partners Cyber Strategies as one of the Certification Bodies. See more about the Cyber Essentials PLUS assessment here.


We recommend adopting the security accreditation to implement data security in a structured manner. There are several benefits from this approach – use of a framework developed by experts; being seen as having adopted a recognised standard by both clients as well as regulators; possible mitigation against fines; and simply good business practice.


The standards available can be split into two groups: pragmatic such as Cyber Essentials and ‘10 steps to Cyber security’; and risk based such as ISO 27001 & IASME (27001 ‘lite’).


Cyber Essentials should be considered as a minimum and requires proper configuration of existing infrastructure. Thus, no further expenditure is generally required beyond checking the configuration is appropriate and paying the fee to be assessed online on a self-certifying basis. In addition, an audited certification level, Cyber Essentials Plus, is available as noted above.


The IASME standard provides an excellent and holistic approach to data security and is suited to SMEs. In addition, this standard can be achieved on both a self-certification and audited basis like Cyber Essentials.


Cyber Essentials Basic


All the self-assessment questions for the basic level are available to download for free here. The download of these questions will allow you to ensure that you understand the issues and find out the answers in advance of starting the live assessment. There is no need to pay anything until you are ready to pass. If you need help with Cyber Essentials, speak to us or our partners Cyber Strategies Limited have been trained, accredited and would be well placed to assist you.


Cyber Essentials PLUS


Accreditation is suitable for all companies in any sector who handle client information and have a desire to increase their IT infrastructure security throughout their business. Companies who look to implement the Standard work in all different sectors including legal, Finance marketing, IT, manufacturing, E-commerce and the charity sector.


Companies who implement the Cyber Essentials scheme show their ongoing commitment to fighting cyber-crime and give their clients confidence in their practices when handling and storing data. In addition to this, Cyber Essentials is now listed as one of the key elements involved with Lexcel V6.1 for legal practices throughout the UK & Channel Islands.




Adopting a security standard such Cyber Essentials is a sound basis for demonstrating that the integrity of data systems is taken seriously by your organisation Contact us today to find out how we can help you to keep your data secure. By phone 01534 711500; by email colin.wood@sigmaci.com or simply complete our enquiry form.